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This website celebrates more than 20 years of clogging history. Thousands of students have passed through the ranks of cloggdom perfroming classics such as Get Me Back to Dixie, The Irish, and (not to be forgotten) Grand Old Flag all over the world. Quite frankly, we miss clogging, the trips, the dances, the memories, but most of all- we miss you! We hope you will take some time to reconnect as we post decades of photos, vintage routine videos, and AAC facts. We also hope and STRONGLY suggest that you send us a BIO so we can see where everyone ended up and remember their clogging history. Please pass the word along so every clogger has the chance to find this site and indulge in a few giggles. We promise to update new footage, photos, and facts. Oh the sequins, oh the ending poses, and the memories all start here!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

COMPTETITION 2010 - Practice Video

What: Dixie Clog Competition
When: Friday, March 26th
Where: Dixie Center
What: 2 Dances
Price: $14.00/dance ($28.00)

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE practice along with this video.
We will be passing this dance off in class next week. It is our line category dance for competition. Please practice at home! If you would like the music, bring me a cd and I will gladly burn you a copy of all the dances we are learning this year.

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