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This website celebrates more than 20 years of clogging history. Thousands of students have passed through the ranks of cloggdom perfroming classics such as Get Me Back to Dixie, The Irish, and (not to be forgotten) Grand Old Flag all over the world. Quite frankly, we miss clogging, the trips, the dances, the memories, but most of all- we miss you! We hope you will take some time to reconnect as we post decades of photos, vintage routine videos, and AAC facts. We also hope and STRONGLY suggest that you send us a BIO so we can see where everyone ended up and remember their clogging history. Please pass the word along so every clogger has the chance to find this site and indulge in a few giggles. We promise to update new footage, photos, and facts. Oh the sequins, oh the ending poses, and the memories all start here!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


"Team Photos"
Western Nationals, 1997

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

The classic clogging lift.

If I had a dime for every time we used 'the split lift'.

If you clogged with us circa 1990, you will without doubt remember "the split lift," so I thought I'd give you a little history.

It all started with Fantasmic. Though it was originally choreographed by Jenny Powers, prior to her coming down to teach the dance, Mom hired the Pine View High cheerleaders to come and teach us some stunts we could use in our show routines. We were so excited... and, never fail, it was Jenny Stevenson that went up. In the photo above [Disneyland] she actually hit her head on the ceiling- this might be the second performance when we perfected the lift-head-ceiling hit. Jenny often sacrificed her body for other such stunts... she had to, most of the rest of us were really unflexable.

FYI: I'm still using the split lift- just a year or so ago my tap students did it for Jump Jive Wail.

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Calling All Cloggers

We have been thinking about coming back! I know, I know...but once you've clogged you just can't stop. Our hope is to start with 3 classes:

  • Beginning teen-adult
  • Intermediate
  • Alumni
The alumni class would be for returning cloggers and would consist mainly of bringing back old dances and refreshing our clogging vocab. Classes would be offered at Dixie College through Continuing Ed. and be $25.00/mo.

As usual, you can expect some performances and yes, we are already thinking of more fun trips. Hopefully this schedule would be an effective way of jumping back into clogging and starting the AAC fire again.

Classes would be taught by Nicole with help from Cindy. If you are interested leave a comment or email: nhadley@scmiddle.org.

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